Seriously, what the heck is wrong with The New Republic?

This supposedly liberal magazine is so hell bent on salvaging World War III out of what they perceive to be Barack Obama’s insufficient zeal to do war on the Cossack that not a day goes by anymore without some borderline unhinged screed pouring forth from its internet tubes. Today’s screed is courtesy of Adrian Karatnycky:

Obama Can’t Admit That Romney Was Right: Russia Is Our ‘Top Geopolitical Threat’


*long sniff* Ahhhhhhh, smell that liberalism.

“We do very little trade with Ukraine and, geopolitically … what happens in Ukraine doesn’t pose a direct threat to us,” President Barack Obama declared, almost offhandedly, last Saturday.

His assertion was not made at a major foreign policy forum. It was made in a private home in Baltimore at one in an endless string of political fundraisers, where high income swells pay big money for the novelty of later telling their friends they rubbed shoulders with the president and maybe got to pose a question to the commander-in-chief.

The president’s remark about Ukraine’s place in the geopolitical order was not widely reported. But what he said sent shockwaves through a late-night dinner I attended in Kiev last Saturday, where several hundred European, U.S., and Ukrainian government officials, businessmen, and experts, as well as the EU’s top leaders, were gathered for a major conference on Ukraine’s future.

Whatever shockwaves they may have sent, Obama’s remarks, however impolitic, had the unfortunate virtue of being pretty much true. But you were saying?

Let’s take on the logic of that claim. Is it not in the fundamental interest of the U.S. to interdictwith sanctions and military aid to Ukrainea full-scale Russian invasion and occupation?

A Russian occupation of large parts of Ukraine would clearly threaten the stability and security of our NATO allies on Ukraine’s western border. Further, Ukraine is home to three gigantic nuclear power plant complexes, which could become dangerous battlegrounds with unpredictable consequences for nuclear safety. War could disrupt or destroy Ukraine’s energy pipeline network, which is the central mechanism through which more than half of Russia’s exports of gas and oil to Europe travels. Successful Russian expansion into Ukraine would increase the chances of further adventurism in energy-rich Kazakhstan, where an elderly President will soon physically fade from power. And Russia would be emboldened to exert even stronger influence over the policies of energy-rich Turkmenistan. Would these developments not be as significant in impact as the fate of Saudi, Iraqi, and Qatari oil and gas reserves?

Just to sum up: according to this writer for Eventheliberal New Republic, the US should “interdict” what he terms “a full-scale Russian invasion and occupation” with nothing but “sanctions and military aid to Ukraine.” Well, we’re already doing the sanctions, so we’re really talking about military aid. Which, sure, let’s send all our most advanced military equipment to a country whose army likes to fire on civilians, is most likely infiltrated by Russian operatives, and tends to drop everything and run when confronted by Russian opposition. That kind of thinking has never come back to bite us in the ass before.

Hey, what happens when those arms we send over there get used? “War could disrupt or destroy Ukraine’s energy pipeline network,” which is bad, so let’s help escalate the situation until that war happens? And if “[s]uccessful Russian expansion into Ukraine” would embolden Russia’s ambitions in Central Asia, how much more emboldened will Russia be if that expansion comes after winning a full-on shooting war with an American-backed Ukraine, as they most certainly would if it really came to that?

Or, having followed TNR’s advice and turned Ukraine into our client, would America then be responsible for directly involving itself in said war once our client started to lose? It would then immediately become a Russia-US war rather than a Russia-Ukraine war, or, as the layperson might term it, World Goddamn War Holy Shit III FuckFuckFuck. I’m sure that if we ever get to that point, you’ll have somebody at TNR agitating hard for America do just that.

The title of this post is facetious, because nothing has actually happened to TNR. They’ve been like this for a while now. I guess the real question is, why does anybody still pay attention to them?


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