President Kenya HUSSEIN Nobama is sending soldiers to shoot Ebola with bullets, so why not ISIS too?

Fox and the far right continue to beat the long-dead corpse of parody:

Former congressman and Tea Party icon Allen West:

The world need to step up against Islamo-fascism but I suppose fighting Ebola is easier for a faux Commander-in-Chief than to fight a real enemy of America.  Nice optics there Barack, good try to change the subject, and make yourself seem like a leader fighting a really bad flu bug — all the while you dismiss the cockroaches who behead Americans.

Sean Hannity said that we should be sending those 3,000  soldiers to Iraq.  (He did say he felt “bad” for the people who had Ebola, though, so he isn’t a total monster.) Rush also complained that we are sending troops to “fight” Ebola (which he claimed not to understand) when we should be sending them to fight ISIS.  But nobody sounded more shockingly ignorant than the Cersei Lannister of the right wing, Laura Ingraham:

“I’m just getting very confused about the nature of this enemy.  Is it those scary little worms that Drudge always has on the Drudge Report? The scary little Ebola worms? Is that the real threat to national security?”

The woman went to Dartmouth.

Leaving aside the fact that, if we’re really dismissing “the cockroaches who behead Americans,” we’ve got a funny way of showing it, “a really bad flu bug”? Is Allen West joking? The deadliest flu epidemic ever, the 1918 Spanish Flu, had a mortality rate of 2.5%. The least deadly Ebola outbreaks have had mortality rates around 50%. What kind of seasonal flu has Allen West been getting?

How can anybody take these people seriously? Ebola worms? Does Laura Ingraham mean this thing, known to specialists as “a virus, for Christ’s sake”?

“Scary Little Ebola Worms” would be a good name for a punk band, though

And, yes, if we’re looking at threats, the virus with upwards of 90% mortality, the one the head of the WHO is now calling “likely the greatest peacetime challenge that the United Nations and its agencies have ever faced,” (although is this actually “peacetime,” with fighting going on right now in Iraq, Syria, eastern Ukraine, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan, Libya, the Af-Pak region, Central African Republic…?) is a pretty freaking big one. Introducing some American troops to Liberia (where, it should be said, they probably won’t be able to alienate any Iraqi Sunni tribes that we’re trying to get to turn on ISIS) to try and rebuild its wrecked medical infrastructure and get the outbreak under control is entirely reasonable.

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