Obama chairs Security Council meeting (live, until it’s not)

I’ll put up a link to the text of Resolution 2178, which passed unanimously at the start of the session, once I find it (UPDATE: the full text is included here). The State Department’s fact sheet on the resolution is available here.

In principle I appreciate the fact that the resolution insists that member states adhere to their human rights obligations even as they’re trying to stem the flow of foreign fighters, but in practice I’m skeptical that even the US can manage that feat. We don’t adhere to our own human rights standards when it comes to indefinitely detaining suspected terrorists without due process, or when it comes to drone strikes, so what are the chances that authoritarian regimes in the region are going to actually pay attention to this clause?

Likewise, this point:

9. Requires countries to have laws that permit the prosecution of:

o Their nationals and others departing their territories who travel or attempt to travel for terrorism purposes;

o The wilful provision or collection of funds by their nationals or in their territories with the intent or knowledge that they will be used to finance travel of FTFs;

o The wilful organization or facilitation by their nationals or in their territories of such travel.

might help combat the problem of foreign fighters on the margins, but does anybody actually think that wealthy Saudis and Qataris are suddenly going to be frog-marched off to jail the next time they’re caught writing a check to support a terrorist group in Syria or elsewhere? These folks already deny that they’re funding terrorism by redefining the groups they aid as “rebels” or “charitable organizations,” which I would expect they’ll continue to do moving forward.

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