Stock Republicans

Remember that snazzy new Republican TV ad that debuted last week? The one that earnestly tried to convince you, the viewer, that “Republicans Are People Too, Also“? They are! The People in that ad were Grandmothers, and Prius Owners, and Tattoo/Beard Havers, and Black People, and Public New York Times Readers even! And they were all Republicans!

Well, that last part might be stretching it a little. Some of them might have been Republicans, but what they all actually were was Stock Photos!

But as The Daily Banter pointed out, the woman the ad used to prove that “Republicans are black” is actually a very popular stock photo.

Her image is featured on the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys‘ website and a promotion for a discount on glasses.

And unsurprisingly, TPM found that the other every-man Republicans featured in the ads were also stock photos.

That lady sure is busy. According to Tommy Christopher at The Daily Banter, she’s:

  • a lawyer
  • a fashion designer who uses Virtual Office Assistant because why hire a human being? (actually that does seem pretty Republican)
  • using coupons to buy new glasses
  • mentoring people
  • getting a payday loan (yikes, and she’s a mentor?)
  • making good use of the Christian Counseling Center
  • going to rehab (we’re on kind of a downward spiral here)
  • studying engineering (I get why lawyering may be out after the stint in rehab, but she couldn’t go back to fashion designing?)

This is a funny find and you’re completely justified in getting a chuckle out of it, but, seriously, Vinny Minchillo, the guy who put this thing together, is a Republican ad guru who worked on the Romney 2012 campaign, so he’s not just some guy off the street, you know? Did this not seem like an issue to him? Did he not think people would figure this out? I have a plenty negative view of the Republican Party, but even I’m not cynical enough about them to suggest that it’s impossible to find Republicans who are black women, who drive Priuses, who have beards and/or tattoos, and who read the newspaper in public. How hard or costly could it have been to do this ad properly?


One thought on “Stock Republicans

  1. Best be careful about associating yourself too closely with the Daily Banter. They have a long and sordid history of mocking dead people and writing approvingly about pedophilia.

    But the Republicans being unable to find attractive people willing to self identify in public as Republicans, that is indeed pretty funny.

    Not that it excuses the pedophilia apologetics, of course.

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