Gretchen Carlson’s requiem to the English language and rational thought is impressive

Want to know why we can’t trust the Obama administration to keep us safe from Ebola? According to Gretchen Carlson, it’s because of MANY WORDS THAT DON’T MAKE TOTAL SENSE, WAS SHE IN HER RIGHT MIND WHEN SHE SAID THIS:

Offering her “take” on Monday, Fox host Gretchen Carlson rattled off all the reasons why Americans should question the federal government’s response to the Ebola outbreak, ultimately meandering her way to the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

With the government’s recent track record not being so hot, well, we learned we couldn’t trust the IRS after the targeting of conservative groups, the Secret Service after an armed man made his way into the White House, the VA after reports men and women who served this country died waiting to get health care. We couldn’t trust the promise that Obamacare that we could keep our doctors that we wanted. And do we trust that we know all the answers yet about Benghazi? What more and more people seem to be asking about Ebola now isn’t that they are necessarily scared about actually getting the disease, but that they’re scared the government agencies responsible with helping us if we do get sick might not be up to the task. So if Ebola becomes a bigger issue, the question still remains: will we be safe?

I, for one, don’t know how we can trust anything that this not-hot track record, with the IRS targeting of the Secret Service when an armed White House served this country and couldn’t keep our doctors that we wanted in Benghazi? Didn’t you also?


Author: DWD

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