I wish I had something profound or unique to say about gun violence in this country, but even if I did it wouldn’t be appropriate to say it today. The horror of yet another school shooting sort of leaves you with nothing to say, although plenty of people aren’t letting that stop them. Thoughts and condolences, as little comfort as they might be, are with the parents, students, and residents of Marysville.

Good thoughts and best wishes also to Mother Jones blogger Kevin Drum, who learned this week that he has multiple myeloma. He says his short-term prognosis, at least, is “pretty positive,” and hopefully that’s right. The long-term prognosis for multiple myeloma isn’t so good, but, and I Am Not A Doctor, he’s pretty young to have developed this type of cancer, so (again, hopefully) he’ll be able to beat the odds.

Author: DWD

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