Shameless, and belated, self-promotion

One of the things I’m still learning about in this whole online publishing world is how you can write a piece for one site and then it gets picked up by a bunch of other sites, usually without the writer even knowing about it unless he or she actually goes to the trouble of searching for it. There are some common patterns to this; for example, I think everything LobeLog publishes gets picked up by Payvand, an Iranian news site. But sometimes it’s just a one-off thing, like this Ukraine piece I did months ago for LobeLog, which was picked up by, where the commenters helpfully pointed out to me that I am a tool of American imperialists and neocons or something like that.

Anyway, when I wrote this assessment of the state of the Iran nuclear talks for Foreign Policy in Focus at the beginning of October, little did I know that FPIF actually has a blog at The Nation, and that my piece would be posted there. The piece is over a month old and I had no idea that it was there until about 30 minutes ago, which I find ridiculously funny for some reason (I also apparently missed a bunch of very complimentary tweets about the piece, partly because I don’t name search myself on Twitter).

In the big scheme of things, this is kind of a backdoor way to get your writing on The Nation’s website, but it was still pretty cool to see it there.


One thought on “Shameless, and belated, self-promotion

  1. I see you have met the unicorn ranchers. While not evil like their Republican counterparts, they do live in an alternate reality in which gutting your allies and throwing elections will always be considered a Good Idea.

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