The most predictable government shutdown ever

Via Jim White at emptywheel, the exciting new national unity government in Afghanistan has already broken down over picking a cabinet:

The 45-day period President Ashraf Ghani hoped it would take to form the new cabinet ended on Thursday without an announcement of appointments. The spokesman for Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah said that while full agreement on the look of the government’s top leadership remains elusive, at least some of the cabinet will be formed prior to the London Conference in early December.

Though the spokesperson for the CEO and those close to the president have indicated the negotiations over the Natio nal Unity Government’s cabinet have been time-consuming and arduous, they have disputed rumors that there are major disagreements.

Other sources on condition of anonymity have said that there are still serious differences between Ghani and Abdullah over the new cabinet and so far the two sides have only agreed on general power sharing principles.

Nobody could have predicted that an ad hoc system of government put in place at literally the last minute in order to appease the loser of the presidential election by giving him some brand new, poorly defined, yet powerful executive position would turn out to be a mess. To be fair, I figured that Ghani and Abdullah would be able to at least give the pretense of working together for a few months, maybe even a year, before they reverted back to fighting each other. I guess not.


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