Isn’t there any actual news? (SPOILER: yes, there is)

Hey, did you hear? Saturday Night Live did a show, on Saturday! Saturday night, in fact! OK, that seems pretty predictable, but then did you know that they did a sketch on this sketch comedy show? About immigration? And in this sketch they made some jokes about Barack Obama’s recent executive order by playing with the beloved children’s classic, “Schoolhouse Rock”?

It was funny! Heck, by recent SNL standards (which, yeesh) it was Groundhog Day, This Is Spinal Tap, and Dr. Strangelove all rolled up into one! One thing it was not, though, was a serious commentary on the news of the day! You know, because SNL!

Although, I mean, what do I know? The experts in this kind of thing clearly thought otherwise:


Is it possible that we’re imparting just a touch more importance to this sketch than an SNL cold open actually deserves? In fairness, this criticism is coming from somebody who cringes at every “OMG JON STEWART JUST EVISCERATED <INSERT POLITICIAN OR POSITION>” headline that populates the internet every Tuesday-Friday morning, so I’m already predisposed to think this kind of thing is pretty dumb. Isn’t there any actual news to cover?

Oh, wait, there is:

  • The Iran nuclear talks just came as close to failing as they could without actually failing
  • Chuck Hagel “resigned” as Secretary of Defense, the way you “resign” after your boss says, “Say, Chuck, maybe it’s time for you to resign; what do you think?”
  • The Iraqi army has taken two towns back from ISIS
  • Burkina Faso unveiled its totally civilian transitional government, in which military strongman Lt. Col. Isaac Yacouba Zida gets to be foreign and defense ministers in addition to being prime minister
  • The UN is saying that about a thousand people have been killed in Ukraine fighting since September’s ceasefire agreement in Minsk
  • Also there’s the actual substance of the immigration debate, which people could write about instead of dissecting the way a weekly comedy show handled it

I’m sure there’s lots of other stuff going on too. I’m just saying, maybe three separate thinkpieces on this was a bit of overkill.


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