Foreign Policy’s Incredible Disappearing “Iran Is Breaching U.N. Sanctions” Article

I’m pretty addicted to Feedly, as I’ve probably mentioned before. So I was catching up on my newsfeed last night when I see blaring at me, via Foreign Policy‘s RSS feed, the headline:

U.S. Accuses Iran of Secretly Breaching U.N. Nuclear Sanctions

I read the entire article, because for some reason FP’s RSS feed has been delivering full articles the past few days instead of the intro + “click to continue” style of their usual RSS posts. The article is, as the kids say, “big if true.” They have to do with Iran allegedly violating U.N. sanctions to procure materials for the Arak heavy-water reactor. It’s the kind of thing that, particularly with a Congress looking for any excuse to levy new sanctions against Tehran (or maybe not even needing one), could seriously impact the nuclear talks and the potential for any U.S.-Iran accord.

The article is visible on Google as well:

iran sanctions fp article

But clicking on that link takes you here:

iran sanctions fp article 2

Also, there’s no sign of the article either when browsing or using their site’s search function (at least there isn’t when I do those things, but I’m fully prepared to be told that I’m somehow missing it).

I realize that articles are changed and pulled from the web all the time, but usually you get some kind of clarification as to what happened, or even a full-on apology for running a flawed piece. But the implications of the accusation that Iran is trying to breach U.N. sanctions right now, at such a critical point for the nuclear talks, makes this particular article’s disappearance of genuine interest, if not concern. I emailed FP’s corrections department to see if they’ll offer some explanation as to what happened to this piece, so we’ll see if they respond.


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