Shutdown countdown

The World’s Worst Bicameral Legislative Body cut a deal this evening to hopefully avoid that looming government shutdown I mentioned the other day. The two Appropriations Committee Chairs, Barbara Mikulski in the Senate and Hal Rogers in the House, announced a $1.01 trillion deal to keep the government running probably until sometime next September. That’s good! But the deal has to be voted on in the House, which shouldn’t take too long, and then the Senate, where, because the WWBLB has waited to cut a deal until the last few hours before the government was to run out of money, all it will take is for one Senator to demand a cloture vote (which comes with upwards of 30 hours worth of debate) to put us back on the path to a shutdown. It’s always a great idea to leave yourself relying on Ted Cruz’s infinite capacity to be reasonable, right?

So alongside the big budget bill the Appropriations Chairs also agreed on a smaller stopgap measure, one that will hopefully not even draw any shenanigans from Cruz even if he decides to play games with the bigger bill (which he can probably only delay, since he supposedly doesn’t have the votes to sustain a real filibuster). Between the two measures, ideally one of them will be allowed to pass before the Thursday night deadline to keep the government operating. At that point, the supreme lawmaking body of the Greatest Country in the History of Mankind will careen off toward its next governing crisis, because that’s how we roll these days.


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