The most wonderful time of the year

My wife was bugging me to reblog this again this year, so I hope you all enjoy it. I know things have been a little slow around here for a few days (at least until this evening, I guess); that’s because Friday was the last day of school for the holidays and so I’ve been on dad duty for the past two days. We’re traveling for the holidays, so it’s actually about to get even quieter around here. I’ll try to pop in now and then depending on whether I have time, but I don’t expect to be posting regularly again until sometime in the new year. Thank you for reading and making this year literally four times more successful for this blog than last year. I really appreciate your continued readership! Happy Holidays!

Author: DWD

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  1. Omg that thing is insane! Does she still play with it? Santa brought eamon a big train set last year & all it does is take up space in my living room

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