The U.S. Army Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube feeds were hacked today, possibly by ISIS or someone sympathetic to ISIS (although the possibility that the hacker is just maximizing the LULZ cannot be ruled out):

The first rogue tweet was posted about 12:30 p.m. It appeared to come from sympathizers with the Islamic State militant group. CENTCOM has orchestrated the U.S.-led airstrike campaign against the militants in Iraq and Syria, and is beginning to train Iraqi troops to respond to the threat in the region.

The background and profile photo of the CENTCOM account were both changed to show an apparent militant and the phrases “CyberCaliphate” and “i love you isis,” using one of the acronyms for the militant group.

The CENTCOM YouTube page also appeared to have been hacked with two Islamic State propaganda videos added to the page and the same “CyberCaliphate” banner posted.

When the WaPo ran its story, the @CENTCOM Twitter feed looked like this:

centcom hacked twitter

though the account is now suspended as far as I can tell.

And Central Command’s YouTube page still looks like this:

centcom hacked youtube

CENTCOM’s Facebook page appears unhacked, so CENTCOM will thankfully still be able to share annoying pictures of its children and chain emails from its crackpot conspiracy theorist uncle.

Seriously, though, this seems like kind of a problem to me. I realize it’s just Twitter and YouTube, but the hackers were reportedly posting “confidential” CENTCOM documents (though it’s unclear whether they were actually confidential) to Pastebin, so the hack may have gone deeper than social media.


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