Stranger and stranger

A reporter with the Buenos Aires Herald named Damian Pachter, who was apparently the first to report the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman has now fled the country, claiming that his life is in danger. Normally you’d see a story like this and figure the guy is being paranoid, but here I’m not so sure. Something strange is going on in this case.


2 thoughts on “Stranger and stranger

  1. Considering that one former president once settled a dispute with another former president, from the same party, by shooting down his son and everyone else in the helicopter it is not much of a stretch to suspect that a mere reporter might be in some danger.

    I think about this kind of thing when I hear some propagandist broadcasting tales of her own bravery in standing up to the NSA, or some guy whining that we live in a police state because he got a ticket on the interstate. Life in a real police state is pretty rugged, in ways that you don’t expect, and the aftershocks haunt you the rest of your life.

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