Still waiting for the crisis

I suppose I’m not their target audience and so I just don’t get it, but does it ever occur to hate groups that say America is in “crisis” because THE GAYS are getting married that, you know, there’s not actually a crisis? Maybe the gays getting married is itself the crisis, but the argument always seems to me to be that America is going to suffer some horrible societal collapse as a result of marriage equality, and, uh, I’m not seeing it?


One thought on “Still waiting for the crisis

  1. Some of us are so old, we remember when marriage was considered an oppressive element of The Patriarchy that was bad for men and women alike – just like fellatio. Thirty years ago, when a small number within the gay and lesbian community (BTQQ wouldn’t come along for at least another decade) began to agitate for gay marriage, it was not at all a sure thing that this idea would even catch on.

    So if anything the gays are saving marriage as an institution from the dire machinations of the breeders, some of whom have no use for it except as a tax dodge for their sprogs and a quickie way to gain American citizenship.

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