Is it too late to get Mitt back?

In the latest news from the 2016 circus clown cavalcade, Governor Chris “solitary confinement for anybody who visits Africa” Christie thinks that parents should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not their children should be able to infect other people’s infants with life-threatening yet thoroughly preventable diseases:

Mr. Christie, when asked about the connection between the new measles cases and parents who object to the long-recommended vaccine against it, said that he and his wife had vaccinated their four children. He called that “the best expression I can give you of my opinion.”

But he added: “It’s more important what you think as a parent than what you think as a public official. I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well. So that’s the balance that the government has to decide.”

Mr. Christie said that “not every vaccine is created equal, and not every disease type is as great a public health threat as others.”

That’s nice, but given that we’ve all been talking about measles, Governor, the vaccine in question does, in fact, protect society against a pretty considerable public health threat. And somebody’s thoughts as a parent are real important, I’m sure, but slightly more important is the right of every pre-vax infant and immuno-compromised adult in the world not to be exposed to deadly viruses because the idea of vaccinating their child makes some fragile Millennial and Gen X snowflakes feel sad.

Christie’s soon-to-be-heavily-overworked PR folks are trying to walk his comments back today, because the Governor totally believes that kids should get vaccinated, OK, he just wants there to be “balance” about it in some way upon which he hopes you’ll never, ever ask him to elaborate:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie walked back comments he made here Monday morning calling for “balance” on the measles vaccine debate to allow for parental choice, asserting that “there is no question kids should be vaccinated.”

“The Governor believes vaccines are an important public health protection and with a disease like measles there is no question kids should be vaccinated,” Christie’s office said in a statement. “At the same time different states require different degrees of vaccination, which is why he was calling for balance in which ones government should mandate.”

Vaccines good, but balance also good. Parents good, choice good, and public health also good. Chris Christie supports all these things insofar as they are good, and good things are good, like Chris Christie is good. Not bad, or spineless, or pandering, but good. The governor believes in all good things. Goodness.

"No further questions!"
“No further questions!”

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