What a lucky break!

Tomorrow is Election Day in Nigeria, the end of a long campaign that has already been delayed once, ostensibly due to Boko Haram-caused violence but, well, who knows, and in which President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election is by no means a sure thing. Earlier today, in the happiest of total coincidences, the Nigerian army apparently destroyed Boko Haram’s headquarters:

Nigeria’s military said on Friday that it has destroyed the headquarters of Boko Haram in the northeast town of Gwoza — a claim that comes one day ahead of Nigeria’s presidential elections.
“Troops this morning captured Gwoza destroying the Headquarters of the Terrorists self-styled Caliphate,” Nigeria’s defense department said on Twitter.
It was not immediately possible to verify the claim.

You don’t say.

Now, I would never suggest that President Jonathan is inventing this story about destroying Boko Haram’s HQ to boost his chances in tomorrow’s vote. Neither would I want to suggest that he strung out the campaign against Boko Haram deliberately in order to maximize the political impact of this operation. So let’s just say…um, way to go, guys?

Hopefully Jonathan and his opponent, former dictator Muhammadu Buhari, can get through tomorrow and the next few weeks without their supporters killing anybody. Their history with one another suggests that this is unlikely, but there’s always a chance.


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