Pot meets kettle

All governments behave cynically now and then, saying one thing while doing something else, so it’s best not to make too much of any particular instance of hypocrisy unless and until it becomes harmful in some way. But they’re rarely so brazen about their hypocrisy as this, courtesy of The Intercept‘s Murtaza Hussain:


Now Rouhani may not personally be a hypocrite here, because it’s frankly unlikely that he’s got any control over his country’s activities in Syria, but really, if Iran is worried about regional heavyweights forcefully propping up unelected autocratic regimes in ways that wreck countries and slaughter innocents, they ought to try starting with the country in the mirror. As harmful and ineffective as Saudi Arabia’s Yemen adventure has been thus far, it’s a pale copy of what Iran has done in propping up Bashar al-Assad, who is still losing even with Iranian support, but has managed to kill a whole bunch more civilians than he could have without it.

Author: DWD

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