Is Qassem Soleimani forming his own Tea Party chapter?

For a long time now we’ve been hearing about how Barack Obama pals around with terrorists, am I right fellow US Americans? The brethren have been so convinced of this one immutable fact that they’ve convinced themselves that Obama is in cahoots with every terrorist group or potential terrorist sponsor under the sun, despite the fact that this would make no sense even if Obama were some kind of terrorist sympathizer Manchurian Candidate president or whatever. Thirty seconds with our friends at Google makes this clear: you’ve got Michael Ledeen at PJ Media complaining last August that Obama is only bombing ISIS because that makes Iran happy, Diana West at WorldNutDaily arguing back in 2012 that Obama did Benghazi because he was working with Al-Qaeda in Libya, and there’s this Walid Moonbat Shoebat gem from last June where he argues that Obama is supporting ISIS in Syria and opposing it in Iraq because ultimately he wants Turkey to take over Syria and Iran to take over Iraq.

Well you can apparently welcome the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Qods Force, Maj. General Qassem Soleinmani, to the club. He’s accusing Obama of being an “accomplice” in ISIS’s “plot” in Iraq, because the US didn’t do more to prevent ISIS from conquering Ramadi (the word I caught, sharik, means “partner,” which sounds to me like Soleimani is saying that Obama is actively choosing to assist ISIS and not just that he’s failing to aid Iraq). Now, by that same logic it could be argued that Soleimani, as head of the Qods Force and thus the primary Iranian military figure responsible for supporting Tehran’s allies in Iraq, is also an accomplice in ISIS’s plot since, you know, I didn’t see the Qods Force or any of its client militias stepping in to save Ramadi until the city had already fallen. But why get hung up on trivial things like “internal consistency” or “basic logic” when there’s a cool rhetorical argument to be made? Obummer is the problem here, he’s the one causing all the problems with his terrorist palling ways! Thanks, Obama!

Anyway, congratulations to Qassem Soleimani, founder and president of the new Tehran Chapter of the Tea Party. Don’t tread on them!

"Thank you! Now, about this Obamacare business..."
“Thank you! Now, let us talk about the ways in which this Obamacare is oppressing the creators of jobs.”

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