Today in Middle East History: the Six Day War begins (1967)

Today marks the 48th anniversary of the start of the Six Day War in 1967. Last year I marked the day by wisely farming it out to a real expert, the Middle East Institute’s Michael Collins Dunn, who is a real-deal scholar of modern Egyptian history and who has written multiple blog posts about the Six Day War over the years. I see no reason not to go that route again. Enjoy!

and that's the way it was

This piece was supposed to go up around 11 this morning, but instead spent all day saved locally on my iPad, because I am A Idiot. Here it is anyway.

Because I’m most likely going to be out all day, but am committed to bringing you fresh #content anyway, I’m directing you to Michael Collins Dunn’s blog at the Middle East Institute. This is also a good idea because Professor Dunn is an actual expert in this stuff, whereas I am Some Guy With a Blog until further notice. Professor Dunn has been doing an annual series on the Six Day War since 2009, which I highly recommend, and this year’s entry covers Operation Moked, the Israeli strike that began the fighting:

The first wave took off from various Israeli bases and proceeded out over the Mediterranean skimming close to the water. In a carefully coordinated move the…

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