JEB 2016 gets a big boost

This is a major shot in the arm for the Bush campaign:

“I’ve promised that during this next campaign season, I will not talk,” Mrs. Bush said Monday on NBC’s Today show.  “No, I won’t give any interviews … I don’t tweet … No Instagram …. I’m not gonna be musing about someone who does something stupid in the campaign.”

Now, if JEB can just extract similar promises from George H. W., George W., Neil, George P., Noelle, Jonathan, Jonathan S., William, Billy, Marvin, Dorothy, Laura, Columba, Jenna, Barbara Jr., Charles, Lauren, Nancy, JEB Jr., Cousin Hap, the LeBlond side of the family, and Honorary Cousins Dick, Donald, Paul, Scooter, and Bandar, plus take a vow of silence for himself, he really might have a shot at winning this thing.

"We're going all the wa--uh, I mean ..."
“We’re going all the wa–uh, I mean …”

Author: DWD

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