Cosmic justice takes an oddly specific form

Here’s Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower (D):

Hi, Tom! Nice, ah, sledgehammer?

Rep. Brower is holding that there sledgehammer in that there photograph because he’s best known for using it to Make A Difference for Hawaii’s shockingly large homeless population:

Armed with a sledgehammer and a self-righteous mission, State Rep. Tom Brower (D.) walks his district’s streets and parks looking for the nefarious shopping carts used by homeless people.

If the carts have a store’s insignia still on them, Brower gallantly returns them to the rightful owner. If, however, he can’t tell where the carts originated from, he pulls out his trusty sledgehammer.

“If I see shopping carts that I can’t identify,” he told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, “I will destroy them so they can’t be pushed on the streets.”

I didn’t say he was “helping” the homeless, I said he was “making a difference.” Making an already shitty life just a little bit shittier is still making a difference. And lest you think that Rep. Brower just enjoys smashing up poor people’s stuff, rest assured that he also enjoys being a prick to their faces:

Brower, according to the Star-Advertiser, is “disgusted” by the city’s chronic homelessness problem and has decided to take a self-proclaimed “tough-guy” approach to solving it. In addition to his shopping cart rampage, he also rouses homeless people if he sees them sleeping at bus stops during the day.

“If someone is sleeping at night on the bus stop, I don’t do anything,” he told the Star-Advertiser. “But if they are sleeping during the day, I’ll walk up and say, ‘Get your ass moving.'”

Hey, nice, what a cool, tough guy with cool, tough guy ideas when it comes to homelessness. Get your ass moving, homeless person, to the job that you can’t get, maybe, or to the home you can’t afford! Lousy bums!

With all he does for his state’s poorest citizens (and here it might be worth mentioning that Rep. Brower calls himself a Christian, which is interesting in light of his whole “be an asshole to destitute people” scheme), you might be thinking, “gosh, I wonder if some of those homeless people might not band together and kick this guy’s ass, or something.” But Rep. Brower has never been afraid of that:

He also seems unconcerned by the prospect of initiating or escalating an altercation with a homeless person.

“When you are walking down the sidewalk with a sledgehammer,” he told the Star-Advertiser, “people get out of your way.”

Yeah, about that, though. It turns out that when you’re not “walking down the sidewalk with a sledgehammer,” and maybe you’re just walking down the sidewalk with a camera, or a phone or what have you, people maybe won’t get out of your way. Hence, we have this very specific instance of cosmic justice that unfolded on Monday:

A Hawaii state representative was allegedly beaten by several members of a Honolulu homeless encampment on Monday after he refused to stop videotaping them, according to Hawaii News Now.

Rep. Tom Brower (D), who made national headlines in 2013 after smashing homeless people’s shopping carts with a sledgehammer, was reportedly punched in the head several times and taken to Queens Medical Center in serious condition, where he was treated for a concussion and eye injuries.

He was later released, according to the AP.

(DISCLAIMER: “and that’s the way it was” in no way condones violence of any sort, even when there’s a case to be made that the recipient kind of has it coming to him, as in the case of, say, Muammar Gaddafi getting killed, or this guy getting beat up by a couple of homeless people.)

Anyway, Representative Brower, best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hopefully the police will arrest the guys who beat you up and then prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law for their felony, while you can go back to smashing people’s personal property with your sledgehammer, with no fear of legal consequences. You’re doing the Lord’s work, sir.


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