How do they fight in those pumps?

I realize that Rick Wiles is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, nor is he above, let’s say, some creative exaggeration for effect. But still, you have to be pretty rockheaded and/or disingenuous to get from “allowing transgender people to serve openly in the US military” to “America’s new transvestite army,” right?

And the thing is, I’m not even sure that was the dumbest part of Wiles’s remark:

Wiles also warned of a nuclear war with Russia, which he says has plans to use military force to stop America’s “gay delirium.” And “of course those nuclear weapons will go up against America’s new transvestite army.”

First of all, if Russia is planning on launching nuclear weapons against the United States over how the US treats its own LGBTQ population (spoiler alert: it’s not), then I think most normal people would argue that Russia would be in the wrong there. I’m not sure how Rick would feel about it, though, to be honest. Second of all, does Rick really think that a non-transvestite army would be able to more effectively counter a nuclear holocaust? Are the bodies of us cisgender folks actually lined with lead or something, because a) I’ve never noticed that, and b) frankly I could see some big downsides to it.

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