Can anybody figure out how that gambling got into this casino?

NATO is planning an Article 4 meeting tomorrow at Turkey’s request. Article 4 meetings are consultative only; Turkey hasn’t made an Article 5 request, which would oblige other NATO members to come to its aid against its enemies, whoever those might be (since the US is de facto allied with the Kurds in Syria, maybe Turkey could request US airstrikes on Washington).

It’s likely that Turkey is planning to use the meeting to clarify for NATO members exactly what the hell it’s doing right now, given that it effectively declared war on ISIS but then bombed the hell out of the Kurds, ISIS’s enemy, in Iraq. Maybe Ankara will ask the rest of NATO for help in figuring out how Turkey’s obviously anti-Kurd offensive somehow managed to bomb the Kurds yesterday. No, really, they seem to have no idea how that could have happened:

Turkey has said its military is not targeting Syrian Kurds after Kurdish forces and a monitoring group claimed its tanks shelled Kurdish-held villages in northern Syria.

Turkey has said it is investigating the reports of shelling even as it continues to round up suspected activists of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group as part of a double offensive.

If confirmed, Sunday night’s incident would be the most serious incident yet of Turkey targeting Kurdish-controlled areas in the Syrian conflict.

Wait, you mean our repeated shelling and bombing of Kurdish positions actually caused us to hit some Kurdish positions?

It can’t be stressed enough that this is all happening in the midst of Turkey’s electoral struggles, with snap elections looking more and more likely given that AKP can’t find another party willing to enter a coalition government under AKP’s terms (which presumably have a lot to do with those suspended government corruption investigations that AKP is so keen on keeping in suspension). It wouldn’t be completely absurd to imagine that AKP is pretty much just throwing everything it can think to throw at the wall right now to see if any of it will win them more votes.

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