Who’s going to take responsibility?

For the second day in a row, some guy in Mississippi (probably the same guy both times, who may have been taken into custody a short time ago) has fired shots in the general vicinity of a military facility, Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, where “Jade Helm 15” exercises were going on. If you don’t know what “Jade Helm” is, it’s the fringe conspiracy du jour, wherein a large counter-terrorism exercise in several southern and western states is being portrayed as a federal “takeover” of those states by people who are genuinely unbalanced as well as people who prey on the genuinely unbalanced. The conspiracy talk has become heated enough that three people were arrested earlier this week in North Carolina (which is not one of the states affected by Jade Helm) for allegedly planning to attack federal government “forces,” whatever that means.

I don’t have a point to this, but I am deeply curious as to who is going to take the blame if somebody really carries out a serious attack against federal agents over this nonsense. The ugly side of the nut-job internet, InfoWars and the like, constantly winds people up with pure garbage about government takeovers and secret Illuminati plots because it gets clicks, but you keep winding people up like that and eventually somebody is going to go out and do something because of it. Who takes responsibility for that? We’ve even got elected freaking politicians dipping their toes in fringe waters, like Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz with their ridiculous EMP fixation, though the EMP theory has a billionaire pushing it so that helps to explain its potency.

As I write this, there are reports that police confronted and killed a shooter at a movie theater in Nashville, and they are now concerned that the backpacks the shooter was carrying may contain explosives. Almost certainly that case has nothing to do with Jade Helm, but I felt like I should acknowledge it in the context of this post and because it’s yet another example of how shit continues to be fucked up and bullshit.

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