When horrible human beings collide

If you’re wondering why a bunch of really terrible people seem all abuzz today, here’s the short version. Yesterday, in a CNN interview, Donald Trump suggested (in a classy way, totally above board, all the bells and whistles) that Fox News personality Megyn Kelly asked him a question about his long personal history of misogyny in Thursday’s debate because she was on her period. No, really:

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,” Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon on Friday night. “Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Trump later insisted that “wherever” meant, like, “her nose.” Because that’s a common thing that men say after a confrontation with a woman they don’t like, that she had blood coming out of her nose.

Conservative activist/blogger Erick Erickson, seen here during his brief film career:

immediately took action to punish Trump for his nasty insult, rescinding the candidate’s invitation to speak at Erickson’s annual conference for people who are too far right even for CPAC and inviting Kelly to speak to the conference instead. That’s cool, great; Trump’s an asshole and it’s your conference, go nuts. Except that this is the same Erick Erickson who’s known for tweeting stuff like this:

…and that’s really only barely scratching the surface. Trump responded to Erickson’s move in his usual measured way, by which I mean he called Erickson “a total loser.” So, ah, pot and kettle are having themselves quite a time at the moment. The other Republican candidates at Erickson’s conference, sensing an opportunity, are taking the opportunity to explain to conference attendees that Donald Trump is a horrible person and, against all available evidence, that Erick Erickson is not.

I kind of feel a little bad for Kelly, who I’m not sure is a horrible person although there is some evidence to suggest it, and at any rate was almost certainly doing what the network wanted her to do when she asked Trump a tough but thoroughly predictable question about some of the terrible things he’s said in the past. To have Donald Trump saying insulting things about you, only to have Erick Erickson leap to your defense, has got to be a little uncomfortable to say the least, and the fact that a number of Trump’s less erudite fans have been venting on her for a couple of days now certainly can’t be helping.

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