About to be proven wrong

Folks, in times past on this here web log, and at Medium, yours truly has maybe had a little fun at the expense of one Senator Rand Paul (R-VonMisesInstitute), and some of his more ardent fans. Specifically, I might have mentioned the fact that the senator’s brave and principled (and very public) stand against America’s drone warfare program was very carefully limited to the one specific droning scenario that Americans don’t like: a drone strike targeting a US citizen on US soil:

So there’s Paul, courageously taking a stand against something that is exceedingly unlikely to ever actually happen. Why? Because that specific scenario is the only drone scenario that actually polls badly with the American public. This is not Paul bravely bucking his party’s orthodoxy, it’s Paul creating an issue where none exists in order to score political points.

Well, leave it to the 2016 Republican presidential field to make me wonder whether that scenario is actually “exceedingly unlikely” after all. Here’s Ben “oh yes I did graduate from medical school” Carson explaining how a Carson administration would rain drone hellfire down on the Mexican border to keep undocumented immigrants out:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is open to using military drone strikes on American soil to secure the border.

“You look at some of these caves and things out there one drone strike, boom, and they’re gone,” Carson told reporters near the border Wednesday, according to CNN affiliate KPHO.

The retired neurosurgeon discussed illegal immigration following a helicopter tour of the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as smuggling and scout locations.

“I’m suggesting we do what we need to do to secure the border — whatever that is,” Carson said. CNN has reached out to the Carson campaign to clarify whether he’d back lethal force from drones on the border.

You might also want to ask him to specify which side of the border he’s going to bomb, just to be sure he’s not planning on starting a war with Mexico.

"I'm not entirely sure where that is, but I'd probably be willing to bomb it."
“I’m not entirely sure where that is, but I’d probably be willing to bomb it, yes.”

I don’t have to tell you that I’m a little scared here. Oh, it’s fun for Marcy Wheeler when this idiot’s crazy talk actually proves her right about something, but here I am dangling in the breeze. I mean, sure, Carson only says he wants to target undocumented immigrants on US soil, not US citizens, but the damn 2016 election is still 572 months away and it’s practically a lead-pipe cinch that one of the other asylum escapees in that field (my money’s on Jindal) is going to try to one up Carson by declaring that he would order his drones to, I don’t know, take out the cities of El Paso and San Diego completely, just to be safe.

And then I’ll be proven wrong. This is bullshit.

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