Well, if anybody should know…

ABOVE: the chyron that nobody knew they never wanted to see

Noted civil rights pioneer Mike Huckabee (R-YouSureYouReallyWantToGoHere) on the Black Lives Matter movement:

“When I hear people scream, ‘black lives matter,’ I’m thinking, ‘Of course they do.’ But all lives matter. It’s not that any life matters more than another,” Huckabee told Blitzer. “That’s the whole message that Dr. King tried to present, and I think he’d be appalled by the notion that we’re elevating some lives above others.”

I’m glad that Governor Huckabee feels qualified to speak on Dr. King’s behalf, but since he doesn’t even really seem to understand what the statement that “black lives matter” really means, I’m not particularly inclined to pay much attention his “take” on the movement.

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