It would be so nice

This here web blog is going on a two-week break, sort of. What I mean by that is that with summer camps and the like ending, but the start of school still two weeks away, I will be spending this week hanging out with my daughter, and then next week the whole family is taking a proper vacation (is staycationing still a thing? asking for a friend). I feel like I need to take a bit of a breather at any rate; I can feel the periodic writer’s block setting in lately.

The upshot is that this week may see a reduced level of blogging (or not, it’s a day to day thing), and next week will see none at all. I should have a few history-type posts scheduled to go up while I’m gone, so that’s something. Anyway, as always thank you for reading and please keep doing so when I get back!

Hey, thanks for reading! If you come here often, and you like what I do, would you please consider contributing something (sorry, that page is a work in progress) to keeping this place running and me out of debtor’s prison? Thank you!


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