Now he can spend more time working on his tan

John Boehner is resigning from Congress altogether late next month. Apparently, running this Republican House Caucus proved too much even for a guy who spent his whole career angling to be Speaker of the House and clearly relished having the job despite the fact that he was historically bad at it. Nobody is happier about this news than right-wing extremists, who always saw Boehner as a moderate squish because right-wing extremists are quite literally unhinged.

He'll keep crying, but will anybody be listening?
He’ll still be crying, but will anybody be listening?

Presumably this move means that the pending government shutdown will now be postponed, as Boehner will be able to pass a clean continuing resolution with lots of Democratic support without having to worry about his caucus forcing him out of the Speakership (EDIT: it turns out he won’t even need Democratic support; his resignation was enough to get his own caucus to go along). I mean, if that’s not his plan, why is he doing this? Of course, it also probably increases the likelihood that the government will shut down whenever that CR expires, because now that the party’s extremists have scalped Boehner, it’s hard to see how any future House Republican leader is going to have the guts or the ability to take them on. It’s more likely that the next Speaker will be one of the extremists, frankly. And while Boehner shouldn’t be missed, the idea of a GOP House caucus with the brakes totally removed is kind of scary.

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One thought on “Now he can spend more time working on his tan

  1. You got to feel sorry for the guy. All his liife he has stood for responsible conservative governance, and he’s had to deal with a caucus that seems to think they were sent to D.C. to blow up the Capitol. And at the end, he’s been forced to tell his nihilists, “You can’t fire me – I quit!”.

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