What’s the difference?

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is apparently deeply concerned that Planned Parenthood takes federal money while also engaging in political activities, since even though PP doesn’t spend its federal funding on politics, money is fungible. This is a pretty bad argument, but it seems to be the one he’s making. Here’s the thing: Catholic Charities gets ~62% of its funding from the federal government. Lots of churches get federal money from the so-called “Faith-Based Initiatives” program. Churches all across the country, including Catholic churches, engage in so much political activity that you can make a very strong case for lifting their tax exempt status. Money is just as fungible in a church’s coffers as it is in Planned Parenthood’s, right? So if we’ve got a problem with Planned Parenthood, why aren’t we holding Congressional hearings into Catholic Charities and the Faith-Based Initiative program? Could it be that Jason Chaffetz doesn’t actually care about the principle here? Say it ain’t so!

If anything, I’d say he cares too much

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