RNC goes full post-parody

The Republican National Committee issued a press release today that questions Hillary Clinton’s judgment in part because…she voted in favor of the Iraq War.

The press release mostly criticizes her for voting against the surge and supporting the US troop withdrawal in 2011, arguing that she was cowed by the political fallout from that 2002 vote for war. The RNC’s real focus is on what she did after she voted for the war, clearly. But the press release is titled “Wrong At Every Turn,” and its first talking point is “throughout her career, Clinton has always been wrong on Iraq,” so they are unquestionably also criticizing her for voting to authorize the war in the first place. You know, the war that was dreamed up, pushed through, and mismanaged by a Republican administration with the support of just about every Republican in Congress. You couldn’t make this kind of thing up.

"LOL, those guys really sound like idiots!"
“LOL, those guys really sound like idiots!”

I feel like this press release was a wasted opportunity, in that it failed to include the sentence “Hey, Hillary; if we jumped off a bridge, would you do that too?”

Clinton’s Iraq War vote was the wrong vote and it turned out to have been a major lapse in judgment. If you want to cast your vote against her for that reason, I would be the last person to criticize you for it. But what’s the Republican message here? Vote against this person because she was dumb enough to agree with us 13 years ago in voting to authorize a catastrophically stupid war that several of our current presidential candidates still seem to think was a good idea? Yeah, ah, great point guys.

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