People should be righteously angry about the Benghazi Committee

Whether you care about Hillary Clinton’s political aspirations or not, what happened at the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, deserves a real Congressional investigation. The four Americans who died in the attack on the consulate deserve a real Congressional investigation. Maybe such an investigation wouldn’t find anything wrong, maybe it would find that nothing at all could have been done to prevent either the attack or the loss of life, and maybe it will find that there’s literally nothing that Washington can learn from what happened there that could be applied to similar situations in the future. On the other hand, maybe there are important lessons that could be learned from a thorough investigation that could save lives in the future. I don’t know. And apparently we’ll never know, because it’s become clear that the committee was never about anything other than derailing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. We’ve now heard this from two Republican House members, including one who was the heir apparent to become the next Speaker, and from a former committee staffer. We’ve also seen it happening.

This pisses me off. I know most of the anger about the Benghazi Committee coming from the left has to do with Clinton, and from people who believe that the committee probably never should have been formed in the first place. But this investigation didn’t have to be like this, totally poisoned by politics. It didn’t have to be about “stand down” orders and YouTube videos and talking points and email servers and Hillary Clinton. We didn’t have to exploit the literal graves of the dead in order to create fucking attack ads for the fucking presidential campaign. It could have been a legitimate investigation into whether some breakdown in security contributed to the deaths of those four people. It could have led to important changes at the State Department and/or in Congress to save the next group of diplomats put in danger. It could have been much better than what it is, and that’s the real shame of it all.

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