Today in European history: the Second Battle of Kosovo ends (1448)

When you’re talking about the “Battle of Kosovo” it’s important to be specific. As far as I know, there have been at least five “Battles of Kosovo” fought over the years, and that’s not including the Kosovo Operation in World War II and the 1998-1999 Kosovo War. Of those five battles, the Ottomans were major belligerents in three and contributed troops to a fourth.

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2 thoughts on “Today in European history: the Second Battle of Kosovo ends (1448)

  1. It was Vlad Dracul II , the father of the infamous Vlad Dracula the III, who ‘hated’ Hunyadi, for similar reasons as Brankovic. Both had had to invest money and their own sons as tributes to the Ottomans ( effectively becoming hostages) since the Ottomans were literally breathing down their necks. After Dracula’s father was killed in a coup, Hunyadi championed the young Dracula’s cause in Wallachia and helped save his country from the Ottomans; for a while anyway.

    1. In 1448, Vlad III (the coup that killed Vlad II, led by boyars with ties to Hunyadi, took place the year before) was still an Ottoman client, and in fact briefly took the Wallachian throne from Vladislav II that year with the Sultan’s help. He and Hunyadi didn’t form their alliance until a few years later.

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