Welcome to 2016: how’s your bomb shelter looking?

(OK, last one of these–I hope)

You can’t afford not to own one of these babies
So, uh, in case you’d forgotten about North Korea in all the craziness…

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake has been detected in North Korea, close to a site previously used for nuclear tests.

Chinese and South Korea officials said there were indications the tremor was man-made, meaning the North may have carried out a new nuclear test.

South Korean ministers are holding an emergency meeting, state media said.

Hey, that could be anythi–

Oh, I see. But, you know, how ba–

A confirmed test would mark another big step toward Pyongyang’s goal of building a warhead that can be mounted on a missile capable of reaching the U.S. mainland.

Well, anyway, happy new year!

UPDATE: North Korea is claiming to have tested its first hydrogen bomb. People who know about such things seem to be skeptical.

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