Horn of Africa famine: where to donate

Drought has led to famine in the Horn of Africa, and the situation is critical. How critical? This critical:

Save the Children, the international non-governmental organisation, says that the drought in Ethiopia represents as big a potential threat to children’s lives as the war in Syria.

“We only have two emergencies in the world that we have categorised as category one. Syria is one and Ethiopia is the second. And so we’ve said we need to raise $100m for this response,” said Carolyn Miles, chief executive of Save the Children, US.

“Comparable to Syria” is about as bad as it gets, so please give something if you’re able. Some highly-rated options:

I almost always include Doctors Without Borders when I do these sorts of posts because they’re excellent, and you should definitely give to them if they’re your go-to charity. But given that we’re talking about a famine, I wanted to focus here on charities that will deliver food aid.

Author: DWD

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