An Appeal (day 3)

(I’m running this fund-raising appeal once a day this week in the hopes it will catch on. If it helps, think of it as an NPR pledge drive.)

Friends and readers,

I started this blog in the middle of 2012, so as we begin 2016, I’m approaching 4 years here at “and that’s the way it was.”  I started blogging because I felt that media coverage of issues–particularly in the Middle East, but hey, I have been known to go off on tangents about American politics and I do love history and jazz–was devoid of the context and depth that smart people need to understand their world.

Thanks for being one of those smart people.  Thanks for caring enough about your world to read and digest what’s posted here. You are among the rapidly growing numbers of people who read this blog.  I hope it offers you insights and information that you can’t find other places.

Much to my surprise, maintaining attwiw has morphed from a grad-school hobby (under a pseudonym) to a full-time job. I love this work. But I am no longer able to sustain the effort necessary to develop well-researched, high-quality content on a daily basis without support.  I did the math:  if everyone who reads this blog contributed $2-$3/month, together we can keep attwiw going, and maybe even expand to include new authors and areas of content. If you’ve already contributed, you have my deepest thanks. If you’ve been thinking about contributing or planning on it, I’m asking you to start now.

I would hate to give attwiw up, knowing there are people like you who find these issues as important as I do.  If you value what you read here and want to see it continue, please contribute!

Thanks for reading and thanks for contributing to keeping this website alive.




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