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I’ve been thinking about creating a page (actually it’s already created and now sitting empty in the top menu of this blog) that would serve as a glossary for terms related to foreign affairs, especially with respect to the Middle East/North Africa region. These could be concepts, places, events, names of important people, names of important organizations, and on and on, and keep growing the glossary over time. We could have some relatively quick and simple definitions, links to helpful context, etc. Nothing very long, just the basic information. I feel like that could be useful to people, but I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

Assuming that this is really something people would like, what I really need help with is figuring out what terms to add to the glossary. I can add some here and there but it would be incredibly helpful to me to get suggestions from people who read this blog. So here’s my request. Leave a comment below, find me on Twitter, hit me up on Facebook, or send an email to attwiw at gmail dot com and tell me what you’d like to see here. Maybe it’s something you’ve heard but aren’t sure about, or something you’ve seen or heard used incorrectly, something you just think should be in a resource like this. Anything. Maybe it’s some Arabic (Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, etc.) word that they’re misusing on cable news (surely, though, such a thing has never happened). Maybe it’s just something you think is really pertinent to the field.

I need your help to make this happen! Please submit your suggestions! Those who participate will receive this priceless image of an award:


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