One last fund-raising appeal (for now)


As this blog morphs from something I did to fill time between job applications and freelance gigs into the thing that I would like to focus most of my time and energy on, that’s necessarily going to entail finding ways to make this place generate revenue. I can’t do the former unless I can figure out how to do the latter. One way, the simplest way, to bring in some revenue is by asking you, my readers, to help out in that regard. I realize that fund-raising requests are a drag, but they’re a necessity for me to continue doing the quality writing and analysis that you’ve been enjoying here for some part of the past couple of years.

I’m not going to run fund-raising posts every day this week like I did last week. I’ll probably start posting one appeal a week, on Fridays, except when I forget to do that (which may happen frequently, as I am inclined to forget things). The reason I’m making one today is because I realized over the weekend that the Patreon/monthly subscription model, while nice for me, may not work for all or even most of you, and so I’ve set up a Paypal button that you can use to donate to the site on a one-time (well, hopefully two- or three- or more time, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) basis. Here it is now, in fact:

Donate Button

The Donate button, along with a link to my Patreon page, will now be at the top of the blog’s sidebar, and is also now included in the standard “please contribute” message that’s always in the site’s top menu.

Thank you again for your readership and your contributions to keeping this site alive on the internets.




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