The day that was, February 9 2016

Recapping the old blog for today:

An American couple has been convicted of what appears to be a bogus drug charge in Kuwait. Their real crime seems to be that they’re a lesbian couple. Since Kuwait is an American ally, as opposed to Iran, I wonder how much we’ll hear about this outrageous detention of two American citizens.

Don’t look now, but Syria’s Southern Front is collapsing just like the front around Aleppo, both under heavy pressure from Russian airstrikes.

Marco Rubio would make an excellent president except for this one little tick he has where he completely panics whenever any little thing goes wrong. So that’s exciting.

We’re probably going to bomb Libya again! It’s been too long, if you ask me.

Remember that I’m not going to be posting regularly for the rest of the week. Things will be back to normal by Tuesday. You should definitely keep stopping by anyway and catch up on some reading. Also, send in your glossary ideas! I want to start working on that next week!

And now here’s your daily funny. In the first episode of her new TBS show, Full Frontal, Samantha Bee sent her apparently German producer to chronicle the tragedy of JEB. It’s very good:

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