ISIS’s play money

Sorry for the sparse posting today. I actually had a social engagement that required me to leave the house, if you can believe that. I did have a nice long piece that I wrote this morning about recent reports that ISIS is using a new currency these days. Maybe you recognize it:

Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

But I liked it so much that I sent it to LobeLog instead, and it’s up there now, including the story of ISIS’s planned, but apparently not well-executed, plans to introduce its own currency:

Last August, the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) put out a video that would’ve thrilled most gold bugs if it had been produced by just about anybody else. Called “The Rise of the Khilafah and the Return of the Gold Dinar,” the video unveiled to the world IS’s brand new gold dinar coins, each worth (at the time) around $130, along with their new silver dirham and copper fulus coins.

The coins were inscribed, in Arabic, with the phrases “The Islamic State” and “a caliphate on [according to] the path [doctrine] of prophecy.” The images on the coins evoked fundamentalist jihadi sentiments: the crescent moon, the date palms of Arabia, al-Aqsa Mosque, the Minaret of Jesus at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, weaponry, seven stalks of wheat (from a Qurʾanic verse), and a map of the entire world. IS had talked back in 2014 about its intentions to mint currency. It even started minting coins last summer, though these were reportedly just gold-plated, not pure gold as the group said they would be.

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