The day that was: February 17 2016

I got a late start today, but your content was thankfully unaffected. Message: I care.

Today I pointed you toward a new piece I’ve written for LobeLog, on reports that ISIS is now demanding to be paid in US dollars only. That’s quite a statement about the group’s finances and also carries a bit of a symbolic message as well.

We marked five years since Bahrain’s Bloody Thursday, the point at which its Arab Spring movement turned violent and King Hamad began to suppress political opposition in earnest.

We covered today’s terrorist attack in Ankara, which killed at least 28 people and was probably (at least according to the most recent reports) perpetrated by a Kurdish fighter with ties to Syria’s YPG forces.

Finally, we also commemorated eight years since Kosovo declared its independence, a happy day celebrated by crowds of Kosovars pouring into the streets of Pristina to demand an end to eight years of lousy, corrupt governance.

Today’s funny bit–although I hesitate to categorize it as “funny,” because it’s really so much more than that–is something you’ll need to read rather than watch. It’s’s veteran political reporter Carl Diggler and this epic story of his time on the campaign trail with JEB. Only a true Beltway media giant like Carl can cover a campaign in all its raw humanity, like this:

This kind of family environment is Jeb’s secret weapon. He draws strength from his prominent clan and their close friends. After a speech at a VFW in Charleston, Jeb is back at HQ. But as always, he isn’t alone. His mother and father are here, and they’re doting on their boy.

“I know every single mistake you’ve made,” says Barbara, still the strong matriarch at age 90.

“Now mom, that just, that’s, well everyone makes mistakes,” Jeb replies.

“You make the weakest kind of mistakes. That’s what sets you apart. If you lose, it’s because of your weak hands letting it all slip from you.”

“DISRESPECTED BY AN ITALIAN. THIS FAMILY HAS FALLEN,” bellows father George H.W., his wheelchair parked next to Barbara.

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