The day that was: February 18 2016

Today we looked at the troubling precedent at stake in the fight between Apple and the FBI over Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone.

I gave Pope Francis a pat on the back (I’m sure it was the highlight of his day) for relaxing the Church’s proscription on artificial birth control for women in Latin America who are at risk of contracting the birth defect-causing Zika virus.

I wondered if anybody is ever going to ask Marco Rubio what the hell he’s talking about when he says that Barack Obama is “gutting our military.”

We looked at the aftermath of yesterday’s car bombing in Ankara and what implications it might have for US plans in Syria.

Last but not least, although I almost forgot about it and that’s why I posted it so late, we commemorated the end of the Sixth Crusade, on this date in 1229.

Writing about the Crusades made me thing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail for some reason, so here’s my favorite scene from that movie to play you out for the night:

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