The weekend that was: February 20-21 2016

Some weekends are quiet around here, but this one wasn’t, so in case you missed anything:

Yesterday we commemorated the Battle of Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, which took place from February 19-25, 1943 and was a technical, though fleeting, Axis success.

Also I sent you off to read Buzzfeed’s excellent look inside Boko Haram, per interviews it conducted with a few of the group’s former captives.

For our Saturday Night Tunes feature we listened to the 1954 Roy Eldridge-Dizzy Gillespie collaboration, Roy and Diz.

And finally, today we marked the anniversary of the 1921 Iranian coup, which installed a government that included Reza Khan, the man who would wind up overthrowing the Qajar dynasty and being crowed shah himself in 1925.

Today I’d like to leave you with a sobering glimpse of the world of the Bernie Sanders supporter, courtesy of‘s veteran Beltway sage Carl “the Dig” Diggler. Carl went undercover to suss these freaks out, and what he found was frankly terrifying:

I worked my way into the inner sanctum, where a man in a repulsive shirt that simply read “Neil DeGrasse Tyson Like A Boss” was holding court. During a break in conversation, I made my way in.

“Hello, I’m Cal Dunkler, entitled Millennial, and I don’t think women should necessarily feel safe online.”

“Uh, I don’t know about that,” he replied.

Sensing I hadn’t earned his trust yet and would have to butter him up to find out more about the harassment farm, I sidestepped.

“Well, whatevs man. I’m just happy about free college. I haven’t seen a candidate this exciting since Gary Hart, definitely,” I said.

“Gary Hart, he ran in uh, 1988?”

“And ‘84, totes. I remember posting about his comeback on Compuserv. Yeah, been a long strange ride, like Pink Floyd said.”

I could feel him softening. He was ready to fall into my web and tell me everything about the dark campaign of terror he helps run.

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