The day that was: February 24 2016

Today on the blog…

I explained why, in my humble opinion, even a crappy, doomed Syrian ceasefire is better than the alternative, which is people continuing to starve to death with no chance of humanitarian aid.

We visited Lebanon (which, full confession, would be my favorite Arab country if I weren’t such a sucker for Ancient Egypt), where there are still rivers of garbage in the streets and which has now become the latest target of a GCC diplomatic dog pile.

We commemorated the Battle of Karnal in 1739, the prelude to Nader Shah’s sack of Delhi and arguably the beginning of the end for India’s Mughal Empire.

Iran arrested Siamak Namazi’s 80 year old father Baquer for reasons that surpass any normal human comprehension.

And, finally, “Mitt” Romney popped his head out from one of his 263 (?) homes to spread scurrilous rumors about somebody else’s tax returns. Yeah, you read that right.

For your enjoyment, here’s Last Week Tonight on the subject of Hollywood whitewashing. I give them bonus points for mentioning John Wayne’s turn as Genghis Khan in The Conqueror, which for my money may be the worst movie ever filmed.

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