BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Islam and the American Slave Experience

As I said when I wrote this a couple of years ago, this blog only intersects with American history on a few very specific areas, and with African-American history even less than that. But there was definitely a Muslim component to the history of African slavery in America, and I hope this introduction to a couple of well-known Muslim slaves, as well as a few books on Muslim slaves in America, is well-received.

and that's the way it was

I wanted to commemorate Black History Month before it ends, but as African-American History is not my area there’s not much I can write about it that would be worth anybody reading. One area where the general thrust of this blog sort-of intersects with African-American history is in terms of African Muslims who were sold into slavery here. There aren’t great records as to the number of Muslims who came over here as slaves, but much of the slave trade originated in West Africa, a region that was and is heavily influenced by Islam and where the slave trade with Arab kingdoms to the north and east likely provided the template for the trans-Atlantic slave trade (though that in no way suggests that slavery in the Americas and slavery in the various parts of the Islamic World were identical institutions, or that the life of a slave in one place…

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