Baghdad attacks kill almost 100 people

Three car bombings, all claimed by ISIS, killed at least 93 people in Baghdad today:

In the largest attack of the day, a car bomb ripped through a commercial area in the predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City Wednesday morning, killing at least 63 people and wounding at least 85.

Later in the afternoon, two more car bombs killed at least 30 and wounded 80, police officials said. One bomber targeted a police station in Baghdad’s northwest Kadhimiyah neighborhood, killing 18, of whom five were policemen, and wounding 34. Another bombing In the northern Baghdad neighborhood of Jamiya killed 12 and wounded 46.

The death toll is likely to rise. It’s the bloodiest day in Baghdad this year. So far.

By way of comparison, the Paris terror attack in November killed around 130 people, and the Brussels attack in March killed around 35. They were horrible. So is this. I know it’s becoming cliche to ask why those two attacks consumed American media for days and weeks afterward while today’s–every day’s–violence in Baghdad warrants barely a blip. But until we as Americans either figure out how to have the same empathy for Iraqis as we do for Belgians, or at least acknowledge the reason why we don’t, then I think this is a question that still needs to be asked, over and over again.

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