Could you be a bit more specific?

This is some D-minus evangelizing, folks:

Last year, televangelist Jim Bakker prophesied that all sorts of bad things might happen on September 13 of that year, including typhoons, earthquakes, bombings, a financial collapse and/or an unspecified incident involving Pope Francis.

Since none of those prophesies ended up coming true, Bakker has now started making much vaguer predictions, including one he delivered this week while pitching his famous food buckets.

“I believe it’s time to hear from God and God has been speaking to me,” he said. “I walked out of my garage yesterday and as I’m walking and things happened and when one of those, you might call them crazy things, but God said, ‘A major event is about to take place.’ I knew that I knew that I knew. And every time that God ever speaks to me like that, something happens.”

I mean, Christ (sorry) Jim, I’m old enough to remember when you grifters used to put at least a modicum of effort behind these grifts. You’d at least predict something specific–an earthquake, volcano eruption, hurricane, anything. Sure, those are all going to happen inevitably so “predicting” them is meaningless, but it’s still better than “uh, God told me that something big is going to happen, eventually.” Wow, a major event of some kind will happen at a date TBD? No shit, Kreskin.

Are people really desperate enough to buy food buckets (my mouth is watering already) from a guy who can’t even put the bare minimum of effort toward scaring them into doing it?

You know what? Don’t answer that.

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