Funny how that works

Jeremy Corbyn (the leader of the UK Labour Party, which you probably know but I mention only because I don’t think I’ve ever written about him before) has in the past been critical of the EU from the left, I get that. He may even have personally voted “Leave,” although “I suspect he may have” is not actual evidence that he did. And he’s too far to the left for the Blairites who feel like they should be running the Labour Party no matter what rank and file party members actually want, so they’ll take any excuse they can get to try to ditch him as party leader. But the idea that he’s to blame for a Brexit result that was, start (austerity) to finish (cynically promising an EU referendum as a campaign ploy), dictated by David Cameron’s bad political choices is ridiculous. At least it would be, if it weren’t axiomatic in US and UK politics that Every Occasion Is a Good Occasion to Punch Left.

Or, as Atrios puts it:

No matter what happens, it’s always the fault of The Left. Silly Labour and their Brexit referendum! That dastardly Corbyn, making those Tories hit themselves over and over! Mean, nasty, Left! Always putting themselves first!


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