Apologies for all this dust and for whoever is slicing onions in here

One of the things I lose track of when I’m doing a lot of writing is how fucking debilitating it can be to read/watch/think about nothing but awful news all the time. It backs up on me until I wake up every so often in a foul mood that I can’t explain, and then I know I need to take a day off. And I’m doing this to some extent by choice. How much worse it must be when you’re stuck hearing about this stuff because you don’t have any other outlet on to the world:

Jole and Michele had started to cry while watching television. The former had asked her husband why there was so much hate in the news that day and Jole had cried so loudly that someone in the building called the police.

The elderly couple, who have been married for nearly 70 years, felt lonely. It had been ages since someone had visited them, they told the officers.

On the kitchen table there were only some old grapes, and few signs of a recent proper meal. So as police waited for an ambulance to check in on the couple, one officer prepared a plate of pasta for Jole and Michele – a simple dish, spaghetti with butter and parmesan – while the other three officers sat down with the couple for a chat.

Rome police, who shared the story on their Facebook page, said the couple told the officers of a life spent together, but also of how their loneliness was, at times, so suffocating with only a television to keep them company.

Unless they’ve been truly awful to you, and “truly awful” doesn’t mean “we disagree about politics,” go visit your parents and/or grandparents. Check on an elderly neighbor. If you know somebody who’s been struggling lately, ask them how things have been going lately. We don’t live in a particularly violent or terrible time, although we do live at a time when it’s very easy for the news to make it seem like things are terrible. But it does seem like it’s become very easy to forget that we should all try to be decent to one another.



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